​Correspondence to the Board by mail should be sent to: Athol/Orange Housing Authority                                             21 Morton Meadows                                                                   Athol, MA 01331

​By email: www.generalinfo@atholorangehousing.com


   Athol Board of Directors             Commission Expires               Position Held

    Edward Ledgard                                     April 2014                     Treasurer

    Cathy Savoy                                             April 2017                     Chairperson

    Edward Sawin                                         April 2015                      Vice-Chairperson

    Joe Hawkins

  Orange Board of Directors          Commission Expires                 Position Held

    Olinto Paoletti                                        March 2025                        Commissioner       

    Tracy Gaudet                                          March 2022                        Commissioner

   Rice B. Flanders (Governor's Appointee)      May 22, 2018                      Chairperson